Earn Some Cash


Gingenious, A Cardiff Based video production company, is looking for a group of friends, who are all surfers, to take part in an online commercial for a large car insurance company in the UK. We Will be filming a road trip to Cornwall Or Pembrokeshire.

We are looking for:

  • A group of friends – 3 minimum, 4 maximum. In their twenties (or early thirties).
  • All Of you are surfers. You don’t need to be a pro, as long as you own your own surf gear.
  • One of you owns a car and is happy to drive to Cornwall o r Pembrokeshire.
  • You are all available for two days of filming at the end of February.

Filming dates:

We Are looking to be filming for two days, sometime between Saturday 25 Tuesday 28 February.

​The starting point will be Cardiff, the end point will beCornwall or Pembrokeshire.

Compensation fee: In Addition to paying for all your expenses, such aspetrol/food/hotel,each person will receive a compensation fee of £200 a day, so £400 in total.


Please send an email to our Production Coordinator and include the following details:

  • – Your name / your age / your address / your contact details
  • – Some photos of yourself
  • – Some photos of your car (or of your friend’s car)
  • – The names of your friends
  • – Your availability for above dates

Email to: fenna@gingenious.com