Wales Coastal Path Cleanup – Rest Bay

The Wales Coastal Path has taken a battering in the recent storms – and the section from  Rest Bay to Sker Beach is no exception.

In order to help the already overstretched Local Council. Porthcawl Surf School has rallied some locals to help clear debris from the path.

It’s a  huge job on this section of the path as you can see from the pictures.  But it would be good if people who use the path do a little bit and maybe help clear it.  That leaves the local authority to do the technical bit – repair.

We have spoken to Rights of Way Dept, who are in turn waiting for a response from Natural Resources Wales and the Wales Coastal Path.

We have spoken to Royal Porthcawl Golf Club and have come up with a bit of a plan ( which may change from day to day).

We have put together a timetable but to be honest – if anyone wants to go down a do a bit of clearing  – then clear away.

We have put a plan in place though, so there is a little bit of structure to what we are trying to do.  – You can see the plan lower down the page


The path is closed. There is no insurance to cover you if you have an accident helping. No risk assesments have been done. Health and Safety would have a fit.

If you help out – you do so entirely at your own risk.Here’s a Schedule. At the end of the day – we’re just trying to move pebbles off a path.

  • Wednesday  1pm
  • Thursday 4pm
  • Friday 10am
  • Saturday 10am
  • Sunday 10am


1. Clear the path at Pink Bay.  Almost Done.

2. We have started to clear small portions of the path near the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club. This makes it easier to get a shovel under the debris ( mostly Pebbles).
So Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 10am – spare an hour and give some free labour.  Bring a shovel.


Big progress made today – but still only 4 people on the Path Helping – James Thomas (Rhino) from Quicksilver. Nigel Jones ( Adventures Activity Centre) Dan Williams and Hugh Murray ( Porthcawl Surf School).

Saturday and Sunday should see the path cleared.