I do very much recommend this chiropractor

In the beginning of this year I had a disc herniation, which got sincerely worse after becoming pregnant. Recently it got so painful that I couldn’t walk properly during the day and thus decided to see the chiropractor. Already after having the first treatment with her I felt clearly better and was able to walk again with much less pain.

The chiropractor treated me another time, which again improved my situation a lot. I felt a huge improvement in comparison to the state I had been in before. I could feel my back pain still from time to time but not so frequently anymore and – the best out of it – I could walk normally again.

I do very much recommend this chiropractor and encourage every woman in a similar situation to give it a go and seek help with these kinds of symptoms as it can definitely change a very painful condition and can turn it into a bearable one.

Thank you again!

Mia Ziegler